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Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich 3

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

The Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich....Part 3

On the Existence of Purgatory.......section 1

1) "I was with my guide," she says, "among the poor souls in purgatory. I saw their desolation, their inability to help themselves, and the little assistance they get from the living. Ah, their misery is inexpressible! Whilst contemplating their state, I saw a mountain separated me from my guide. I sighed for him like one famished, I almost swooned with desire. I saw him on the opposite side, but I could not reach him. He said to me: 'See, how thou sighest for help! The poor souls are always in the state in which thou art!' He often took me to pray before caverns and prisons. I prostrated, I wept with my arms extended, and I cried to God for mercy. My angel encouraged me to offer all kinds of privations for the poor souls. they cannot help themselves, they are cruelly neglected. I often sent him to the angels of certain persons in suffering, to inspire them to suffer their pains for them. They are instantly relieved by such offerings; they become joyous, so grateful! Whenever I do something for them, they pray for me. I am terrified to see the riches the Church holds out in such abundance neglected, dissipated, so lightly esteemed, whilst the poor souls are languishing for them."

2) "The prayer most pleasing to God is that made for others and particularly for the poor souls. Pray for them, if you want your prayers to bring high interest."

3) "The poor souls suffer inexpressibly. The difference between the pains of purgatory and those of hell is this: in hell reigns only despair, whilst in purgatory the hope of deliverance sweetens all. The greatest torment of the damned is the anger of God. Some faint idea of His wrath may be formed from the terror of a defenceless person exposed to the attack of a furious man.'

4) "Last night I was in purgatory. It seemed to me that I was taken into a deep abyss, a vast region, where I saw, and the site filled me with sorrow, the poor souls so sad, so silent, yet with something in their countenance which tells that the thought of God's mercy gives joy to their heart. Enthroned in their midst was the Mother of God, more beautiful than I had ever seen her before."-- Then she said to him (her inquisitor Dean Rensing) "Instruct your penitents to pray fervently for the poor souls in purgatory, for they in gratitude will pray for them in return. Prayer for these poor souls is most agreeable to God, as it admits them to His presence sooner."

5) "I went with my guide into a gloomy prison for souls, where I consoled on all sides. The souls were buried in darkness, all more or less so; some to the neck, others to the waist. They were in separate, though adjoining dungeons, some tortured with thirst, others by cold, others by heat, unable to help themselves, sighing in uninterrupted torments. I saw numbers delivered and their joy was inexpressible. They went forth as gray figures. They received for their short passage to a higher region the costume and distinctive marks of their state upon earth. They assembled in a vast place above purgatory enclosed as with a thorn-hedge. I saw many physicians received by a procession of physicians like themselves and conducted on high. I saw numbers of soldiers liberated, and the sight made me rejoice with the poor men slaughtered in war. I saw few female religious, still fewer judges; but led out by blessed nuns were numbers of virginal souls who had wanted only an opportunity to consecrate themselves to the religious life. I saw some kings of olden times, some members of royal families, a large number of ecclesiastics, and many peasants, among whom I saw some of my acquaintance and others who, by their costume, seemed to belong to foreign lands. Each class was led on high and in different directions by souls of their own condition in life and, as they ascended, they were divested of their earthly insignia and clothed in a luminous robe peculiar to the blessed. I recognized in purgatory not only my own acquaintances, but also their relatives whom, perhaps, I had never before seen. I saw in the greatest abandonment those poor, dear souls who have no one to think of them. Among those who forget them are so many of their brethen in the faith who neglect prayer! It is for such souls that I pray the most.

........Then I saw many of the poor souls whom I had known in life, with whom I had had dealings, looking wistfully after me from purgatory, and I understood the difference between true and false sympathy. They followed me with sad eyes, repenting of many things now that I was forced to leave them.--They were citizens of the little city." (Vol II pp 202-203)


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