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Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich 7

Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich...Part 7

Here we present the ominous prophecies from Anne that
portend the Vatican downfall. She is accompanied by St
Frances of Rome. We draw near the fulfillment of these
very prophecies.

1) "As I went through Rome with Frances and the saint, we
saw a great palace enveloped in flames (the Vatican). I was in
dread lest the inmates would be consumed, for no one tried to
extinguish the fire; but when we drew near, it suddenly ceased
and left the building black and scorched."

2) "After passing through numerous magnificent apartments, we
reached that of the Pope. We found him sitting in the dark, asleep in a large arm-chair. He was very sick and weak, no longer able to walk, and people were going to and fro before his door."

3) "The ecclesiastics most nearly connected with him pleased me
not. They appeared to be false and lukewarm, and the simple-minded pious men whom I once saw by him were now removed to a distant part of the palace."

4) "I spoke long with the Holy Father, and I cannot express
how very real my presence there seemed to be; for I, too, was
extremely weak and the people around were constantly obliged
to support me."

5) "I spoke with the Bishops soon to be appointed, and I again
told the Pope that he must not leave Rome, for if he did, all
would go to ruin. He thought the evil inevitable and that his
personal safety as well as other considerations, would oblige him
to go, a measure to which he felt himself strongly inclined and to
which he was advised by his counsellors."

6) "I saw Rome in such a state that the least spark would
inflame it, and Sicily dark, frightful, abandoned by all that could
leave it."

7) One day whilst in ecstasy, she groaned: "I see the Church
alone, forsaken by all and around her strife, misery, hatred,
treason, resentment, total blindness. I see messengers sent on
all sides from a dark central point with messages that issue from
their mouths like black vapor, enkindling in the breasts of their
hearers rage and hatred. I pray earnestly for the oppressed!"

8) "In those places in which some souls still pray I see light
descending; but others, pitchy darkness. The situation is terrible!
May God have mercy! How much I have prayed! O city, (Rome)
with what art thou threatened! The storm approaches--be on thy
guard! I trust thou wilt stand firm!"

9) "Last night I made the Way of the Cross at Coesfeld with a
crowd of souls who showed me the distress of the Church and the
necessity of prayer. Then I had a vision of many gardens lying
around me in a circle, and the Pope's situation with respect to
his Bishops."

10) "In these earthly gardens, I saw the temporal, spiritual
authority, and above them in the air I saw their future Bishops;
for instance, I saw above the garden of the stern Superior, a new
Bishop with the cross, mitre, and other episcopal insignia, and
standing around him Protestants who wished him to enter the
garden below, but not on the conditions established by the Holy
Father. They tried to insinuate themselves by all sorts of covert
means; they destroyed a part of the garden, or sowed bad seed in
it. I saw them sometimes here, sometimes there, cultivating the
land or letting it lie untilled, tearing up and not clearing away,
etc.; all was full of pitfalls and rubbish. I saw them intercepting
or turning away the roads that led to the Pope.

When they did succeed in getting a Bishop according to their
liking, I saw that he had been intruded contrary to the will of
the Holy Father; consequently, he possessed no legitimate spiritual authority.

It is very distressing!--I see one who has few claims to holiness
about to be installed in the see of a holy deceased Bishop."

11) "Judgment takes but a very short time. It is held the instant
the soul leaves the body and just over the place where death occurred Jesus, Mary, the holy patron, and the good angel of the soul are present. Mary is present even at the judgment of Protestants." (Vol 2 page 230)

Taken from: The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich
(Vol 2 pp 301-303)
Authored by:
Very Reverend Carl E. Schmöger, C.SS.R
Published by: www.Tanbooks.com
Copyright: 1885


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