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Prophecies of St. Mechtilde II

St Mechtilde of Hackeborn

The Prophecies of
St. Mechtilde........Part II

d) "Both men are in Paradise, living in bliss and eating the same foods which once Adam had eaten. They, too, must shun, in obedience to God, the same tree from which Adam and Eve were not to eat. This tree is not large; it's fruit looks very nice and lovely like a rose, in the interior, however, it is sour by nature whereby is indicated the bitter evil of sin. God has forbidden this fruit because it is very harmful to men and even now is regarded as poison.

An angel will accompany Henoch and Elias from Paradise. The clearness and bliss which surrounded their bodies will then disappear and they will receive again the terrestial appearance and will become mortal beings. As soon as they will see the earth they will be frightened like people who see the ocean and do not know how they can cross it.

They will eat honey and figs and drink water mixed with wine, while their spirit will be nourished by God. They will appear as preachers in the last time of misery when most of the good men have already died as martyrs, and they will console the people for a long time yet.

Henoch and Elias will close in on the Antichrist; they will tell the people who he is, by whose power he works miracles, in which way he came into the world and what will be his end. Then many a man and woman will be converted."

"Henoch and Elias will expose the devilish trickery of Antichrist to the people. As a consequence he will put them to death. For three and one-half days their bodies will be exposed to insults and the followers of Antichrist will presume that all danger is now past, but suddenly the bodies of the two prophets will move, rise and gaze on the crowd and begin to praise God.

A great earthquake, similar to that at Christ's resurrection, will take place: Jerusalem will be partially destroyed and thousands killed. Then a voice from Heaven will call out "Ascend!" whereupon the prophets will ascend into Heaven, resulting in the conversion of many. Antichrist will reign for
thirty days after their ascension."

Taken from: The Reign of Antichrist (pp 134-135)
Authored by:
Rev. R. Gerald Culleton
Published by:
Original 1951


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