Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Prophecies of St. Cyril of Jerusalem

St Cyril of Jerusalem

The Prophecies of
St. Cyril of Jerusalem

(Died 386 a.d.)

"Antichrist will exceed in malice, perversity, lust, wickedness, impiety, and heartless cruelty and barbarity all men that have ever disgraced human nature. Hence St. Paul emphatically calls him 'the man of sin, the son of perdition, the wicked one, whose birth and coming is through the operation of Satan, in all manner of seduction of iniquity.'(2 Thess. 2)

He shall through his great power, deceit, and malice succeed in decoying or forcing to his worship two-thirds of mankind; the remaining third part of men will most steadfastly continue true to the faith and worship of Jesus Christ.

But in his satanic rage and fury, Antichrist will persecute these brave and devout Christians during three years and a half, and torture them with such an extremity of barbarity, with all the old and his newly invented instruments of pain, as to exceed all past persecutors of the Church combined.

He will oblige all his followers to bear impressed upon their foreheads or right hands the mark of the beast, and will starve to death all those who refuse to receive it." (Apoc. 13:16)

Taken from: The Reign of Antichrist (pg 114)
Authored by:
Rev R. Gerald Culleton
Published by:
Original 1951


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