Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Eerie Prophecies of Von Busto

Prophecies of

Bernardine Von Busto

(died 1490)

1) "At the time when the Antichrist is about twenty years old, most of the world will have lost the faith."

2) "Antichrist will be descended from the tribe of Dan. The people

at that time will be very corrupt. He will preach to people to the

people while flying through the air."

3) "Many fervent priests and religious in the wilderness and

desert will be miraculously sustained by God. Some of them will

travel about to encourage the Christians to remain firm in the

faith till death."

4) "When a pious Christian is pleading to God for help before a

crucifix in his room, Satan will disturb him in his prayers and

confuse him. He will cause a voice to come from the crucifix

saying: 'Why do you call on Me, as if I can help you? I am not

God nor the Saviour of the World, but a sorceror, an instigator

and deceiver of the people, for I was a false prophet and as a

consequence I am dammed to everlasting hell fire. Therefore, call

on me no more, lest by calling on me you increase the pain that I

must suffer in Hell.

Through the power of Almighty God, whose gospel is now

preached throughout the world, I am urged and compelled to tell

you the truth and reveal to you that I am not the Son of God,

but rather the greatest sorceror the world has ever had, and hence

for all eternity I must suffer the severest pains without hope of


Also the pictures of the Mother of God at times will speak

when someone will be praying before them: 'Cease your supplications.

I am not the Mother of God. I have no power with God. I am only

a miserable creature. You should take refuge with the true Mother

of the Most High, whose teachings are being taught to you today.'

It will be the same with the pictures of the Saints. That it is

the devil who speaks through crucifixes and pictures but few will

perceive, on the contrary, many will run excitedly to the apostles of

the Antichrist, to accept the new religion. By order of those apostles

they will trample on the crucifix and holy pictures and break them

in pieces."

5) "When a mother has her infant in her arms or puts it in a

cradle, in a clear and distinct voice it will begin to speak,

acknowledging the diety of Antichrist and urging the mother to

leave Christ and turn to Antichrist. The child will reproach the

parents, that they, in spite of the many miracles of the Antichrist,

still persist in their wickedness and obstinancy. Oh how much

anguish will those parents have to bear. Yet many Christians

will remember that this was all foretold of Antichrist for

centuries past, and perceive the fraud of Satan and refuse to be

deceived. They will stand firm and enlighten the faint-hearted and console them."

Taken from: The Reign of Antichrist

Authored by: Rev Gerald Culleton

Published by:

Copyright: 1951


Blogger Lawborn said...

These truly are some eerie prophecies. This is the first I've heard of this particular one.

June 09, 2012 7:18 AM  
Blogger Kev said...

Some the the best prophecy's on this site, thank you for your work.

August 05, 2012 10:15 PM  
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